The Jameson Family History


Jameson Family

- 1100 to 1740 AD
In the beginning - we all came from Scotland - see our Jameson family origins.

-1740 to 1940 AD
Organized and unorganized research notes primarily for the Jameson family, but also the related families of Duke/ Braud, Bower, Church, Myers, Culbertson, Worman and Gibson among others.

-The French and Indian War

- The Revolutionary War Record

- The Civil War Record

- Lincoln's Bodyguard
James Buchanan Jameson

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- Other Jamesons and possible cousins

- Girls Club House hosted by Isabella Jameson












Temperance Inn, Lime Ridge, PA

The Temperance Inn built in 1842 by Daniel Jamison
still stands in Lime Ridge, Centre Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. For the story, see an article by writer Ted Fenstemacher >>Part 1 and Part 2 .

Captain Albion B. Jameson

Captain Albion B. Jameson, about 1864,
son of Daniel Jamison (a.k.a Daniel Jameson)
of Lime Ridge and brother of Benjmin F. Jameson
. Both sons fought for the Union in Co.A, 6th Regiment Pa. Reserves Infantry (35th Volunteers). See Lime Ridge photos.

The Last Scalp

The circa 1800 oil painting called "The Last Scalp" depicts the ambush of John and Benjamin Jameson by Indians near the Hanover Meeting House in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in 1782. John and Benjamin were distant cousins of
the Anchorage - Berwick Jameson family. The painting was restored by the Luzerne County Historical Society with financial support from the Richard Jameson Family.


Ft. McCord monument

Fort McCord monument near sight of the battle of Sideling Hill in April of 1756 where Col. David Jameson, M.D. was left for dead but survived to lead a battalion in the Revolutionary War.

The Memoirs of Col. David Jameson,M.D.
are available from Apple Manor Press









The Jameson Family
Anchorage, Alaska
Telephone: (907) 242-7245

ee a short book by historian
William Baillie on the Jameson family in Pennsylvania:

Chapters 1 and 2
Col. David Jameson &
Dr. James Jameson

Chapters 3, 4, and 5
Daniel Jamison & Benjamin Jamison


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