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The below photographs are taken from the family histories and archives of the Jameson - Duke - Dietterick - Riegel - Ruggles families. Please see the ancestry, family tree, and genealogical research links to see the relationship between the different families.



Lettie and Charles Riegel
Agnes Jameson Family
Old Jameson homestead in Lime Ridge, Columbia County, PA
Daniel Jamison homestead in Lime Ridge built in abt 1840
Lime Ridge Jameson subdivision

Centreville (aka Lime Ridge), Columbia County, PA, was the home of Daniel Jamison and his large family. In the 1830's he purchased a tavern for canal travelers called the Halfway House. Later he built the "Temperance Inn" pictured above where the family lived. pi

He later created a cemetary for himself and other relatives. For his testamentary gift of lots, click here. For his plot plan, click here..

Cpt. Albion B. Jameson
Charlie and Lettie Riegel
Harvey Dietterick
Benjamin C. Duke, Sr., standing upper right

Benjamin C. Duke, Sr and his last deer
Picture of grandpa Ben Duke and caption from the Bewick Enterprise newspaper showing a nice buck he shot in the last year of his life. Note that his knife is missing. We never could find it.

Postcard from Scotland 1930


J.Paul Jameson, son of Albion B. Jameson, son of Daniel Jamison

Ft Lytleton
Ft. Lytleton, Pennsylvania, near Sideling Hill,

Ft. McCord

Ft. McCord Monument - showing wounded Lieutenant Jameson

Richard and Robert Jameson Families Richard, John, Isabella, and Daniella Jameson - 2008

AnaRichard, Harold, Kelly and John

Ruggles Family Bible

Ruggles births from bible


-Also see the
Lime Ridge Methodist Cemetery (Columbia Co., Pa.) photo gallery.

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